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craig: don't you be coming here with your cameras. looking at us. we're folks that live in the dark. right, geoff? geoff: that's right. craig: dark for dark business, i says. dark for dark businesses. me and geoff baggins here, we go looking for the precious. right, jop? geoff: that's right. craig: and when we find the precious, we're going to send it to the department of water and power. [laughter] you know who i think has got the precious? geoff: who has got the precious? craig: the bastard that makes himself invisible every time the uh-oh power goes off. [applause] right, geoff? geoff: right, craig. craig: be honest. do i have bad posture?
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geoff: you look perfectly straight to me. craig: this is the only time in the history of this show, it is so cold, i envy the horse. [applause] good night, everybody!,,,,,,,,,,
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the 9-1-1 hangup call.. the other woman.. and tonight: "...just turn yourself in" gets. she was a wonderful woman. >> a bay area woman found murdered and her husband hasn't been seen since much the 911 hang-up call, the other woman and tonight... >> just turn yourself in. >> the woman's body was discovered at a home in san jose, the manhunt for the husband. >> reporter: family members have confirmed the victim is a trisha nanenzoa. they say they have enough suspect to make him a suspect in her murder and they are saying, turn yourself in. >> reporter: family members arrived at the scene only to realize their worst fears were
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true. >> she was a wonderful woman. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: at one time tonya and her two young boys lived in the home with her all patricia -- aunt patricia and her husband. >> i know that a whop was sleeping with troy. >> reporter: around 77:00 this morning a woman was in the intrawick a hoodie around her. >> i look at him as scum. >> reporter: they say he was a black belt in martial arts. he describe as violent fight he had. >> he threw me into the shower and i did the same. >> i want you to turn yourself in. don't take the easy way out
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because i know that's your next route. turn yourself in and let be everybody face what you just did to ruin our family. >> reporter: it took police two hours to get to the scene much the call first came in at about 5:38 this morning but when the operator picked up, nobody was there. police get dozens of these calls every day and they put at the case on the back burner and addressed things that were going on in the neighborhood. they then arrived on scene to find two tray dogs in the front yard. they had to call animal control before they could enter the house. they are looking for any information. if you have any, please contact the police department. frost expected in parts of the bay area tonight. here our meteorologist. >> it will be colder tonight
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than it was this morning. widespread 30s north of the golden gate. here is the map. a know ma county and napa county -- sonoma county, napa county, cold enough for wide-spread post and make sure you bring in the pets because they will be cold. everybody will be cold outside tonight. earlier this morning we had snow. there was a fresh dusting of snow in mount diablo. there was lots of snow? the sierra, as well. let's hear more on that. >> reporter: the storm brought snow and gridlock to the sierra. drivers lowed and inched over -- slowed and inched over interstate 80 while drivers chained up. >> we deal with all kinds of
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people. a lot of people haven't seen the snow before. >> reporter: for all the extra time and frustration it causes drivers, it could be a wind-fall for snow areas. here at boreal, they are running snow machines and they should open tomorrow. >> this is a really good start and we hope it continues. >> reporter: for now it ands snow lovers. this family came in search of a bunny hill for the baby's first run. this snow boarder could not wait for boreal to start. he has one wish. >> a lot more snow. i'm praying for it. >> reporter: he's the the only one. >> hopefully it keeps going all season long. >> our military analysts say today's respiratory nation of a
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tray -- resignation of petraeus is not the end of the story. we have learned the other woman wrote a biography of petraeus. what does he face next? >> reporter: it was just over a year ago, his wife by his side, that one of america's most decorated 4-star general ralphs took the oath of office. today he resigned. in a statement to cia employees, he said after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra marital affair. the affair came to light during an fbi investigation that started months ago. officials became concerned about what cbs newsed learned about cryptic e-mails he exchanged with paula broadwell. >> it's sad. >> reporter: retired colonel kerney met her earlier this
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year. he said she was bright and articulate. >> she acknowledged she had been given unfettered access to him. >> did that seem suspicious? >> in my 31 years, i've never heard of anybody having the type of access that she was. was i suspicious? no. >> the white house insists it knew nothing about it until he told the president after the election. president obama accepted his resignation today and thanked him for his service. colonel kerney says the resignation may not end his problems. you and i acid skins of this country -- sit -- you and i acid zins -- he could conceivably be recalled from a retired status and could be subject to
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discipline ferry action. >> infidelity is sensitive problem with the cia. they are always concerned that agents can be black mailed for information -- blakmaild. >> president obama is going to into the fiscal cliff with a strong hand. >> i'm not set on every detail of my plan. i won't ask seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me taking over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> the market rebounded today, but investigators worried that washington won't be able to hammer out a deal in time. all three major indexes were down more than 2% for the week. >> set transday is sunday -- veterans day is sunday.
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we look at a big problem they face when they come back from war, how to use their civilian skills in the -- how to use their military skills in in the civilian world. >> this is basic training like no other for this man. the business student could be an entrepreneur by sunday night. >> it's gate to see the companies in the silicon valley supporting us. >> reporter: this 3-day event going on in san francisco is hosted by vets in tech. they train veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. >> we want to teach design, marketing, how to write a business plan, how to do a presentation. there's so many things that you need to be in the tech end
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besides coding. >> reporter: during the hackathon, they try to turn the concept into a company. >> reporter: >> in san francisco alone, there's thousands of jobs available in the tech industry, yet nobody was putting the two together, and we thought that was a shame. >> reporter: a million service members will be leaving active duty in the next five years. high the national unemployment rate is 7.9%, it's 10% for post-911 veterans. veterans say they have the right stuff. >> they make great leaders. for startups, that's a big quality. >> the top team becomes a start-up with the chance to court venture capitalists. >> it's exciting. >> mechanics who make house calls, the new kind of car repair service that saves you time and a lot of money. >> i want to know if this is
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real or fake? >> the label ,,,,,,,,,,
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design?
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a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at an 18-year-old behind the wheel of a mercedes plows into a home going at least 80 miles per hour. this is what that looks like. her uncle says the accelerator got stuck. she was taken to the hospital, but she'll be okay. nobody was inside the home at
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the time. they were out to dinner. while you can't get an entire auto body shop to come to you, your car is a house or not, the days of dropping off your car for repairs could be coming to an end. cbs 5 reporter shows us the bay area start-up that sends a mechanic to you. >> reporter: the time has come where a mechanic's best tools for the job are transparency and convenience. >> hello. i'm here to fix your car. what seems to be the trouble? >> reporter: today a mechanic is making a house call to change the oil and inspect a check-engine light. that's the whole idea wean "your meck can -- between your mechanic dues computer.
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they have no overhead so they can charge less. >> reporter: does it improve your life? >> i feels like you are living in the future. >> reporter: he's also getting work done on his bmw. he says the website spared him the headache of getting picked up and dropped off at the shop, saving him four hours. >> i'm getting time back from my day. >> change is coming, whether people like it or not. >> reporter: customers rate the mechanics and you can see the history of what they charged for previous jobs. mechanics who work in garage it is often get the short end of the wrench -- work in garages, often they get the short end of the wrench.
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>> how can you survive? we are going to do what's right. >> reporter: by breaking out on his own, an experience mechanic more than doubled his salary and will never go back to working in a garage. >> in a garage i'm doing all the work and pushing five, six, seven, eight cars a day, and the garage is getting all of this money and i'm getting a little percentage. the fat guy behind the desk is the one smiling. >> so more honesty and open zness -- and openness than ever before. car repair 2.0. fake fur is the rage. but you may not be buying what you think you are buying. a hidden camera investigation uncovered real fur being passed off as fake as some big-name stores. here is david goldseen. >> i want to know if this is real or fake?
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>> fake. >> reporter: the salesperson says fake. the label says it's fake. >> that's not real. that means it's fake. >> reporter: but our expert took it apart and uncovered a secret that will make you think twice before buying any fur- free clothing. >> this is the mel's -- animal's skin, most likely a rabbit. >> this is fake. >> reporter: he's a fur expert with the human society of the u.s. at ross we found two identical $25 sweaters, a black one and white one with a fur collar trim. >> is this real or fake? >> one salesperson went by the fries. >> if it was real, it would cost in the hundreds. >> another, by the feel. >> real. >> reporter: and finally, we found the label, which stated
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100% acrylic with fake trim. >> if the label says fake trim, under the law, that would mean there isn't any animal fur on the product. >> is that what you wanted? >> i'm allergic to the real stuff. >> she's allergic to face fur. >> reporter: but they wouldn't be give according to our expert. it looks like fox fur. >> definitely fur? >> definitely fur. >> reporter: when we went back the assistant manager said she didn't know anything. >> it's labeled fake fur. any idea how that could happen? >> i don't know. you would have to call the number. >> reporter: we did but they never responded. next we went to burlington coat factory in englewood and we saw this $100 jacket. >> my friend is allergic and i want to the make sure it doesn't
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real fur. is it real or fake? >> >> i think it would say what it is. >> the manager looked it up and came back convinced, citing her own algae. she-the label -- citing her own al alergys. >> is it fake or real. >> deaf not not fake. >> raccoon dogs are raised in china in inhumane conditions and it's cheaper to use real fur rather than fake. when we went back the manager didn't want to talk about it. the bur ling ton spokesperson
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told us the manufacturer is to blame and, quote, we will instruct our stores to pull and destroy this coat. finally, we won't to this place where we found this $52 sweater. there was no mention of fake or real fur, so the salesperson made her own conclusion. >> absolutely no fur. >> are you sure? >> reporter: but outsay the store she determined it was real. >> this is probably rabbit fur. >> reporter: according to the federal fur products labeling act, gar mitts paid entirely or partly with fur must have a label disclosing the animal name. when we went back the manager didn't want to comment. >> it's fur and not labelled. any reason? >> no. >> reporter: they say we were not aware of this issue and are contacting the vender who is working to revolve this
1:59 am
situation. for consumers it's hard to tell with the naked eye, but if you are able to cut open the back or look dean inside the fur, if you see skin, it's real fur. >> this is fake. >> reporter: if you see fabric, it's fake. that's the best way, not looking at the label or listening to the salesperson. >> i know it's not real fur. i can assure you that. >> under federal law retailers can be held liable unless they can prove that they
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algy. during the break, it was a 3-dog night, and she is right. our first frost advisory. tonight and tomorrow morning, you know, you might want to get an extra cup of the hot tea. concord, 30, san francisco, mid- 40s. san jose, 41 degrees. the lay dar is clearing. there's a slight chance of a shower overnight tonight much the big story is the cold and it will stay cold over the weekend. all you have to do is watch the direction of the clouds. everything is coming from the north to the south into the bay area. the source of our air? a few days ago it was up in
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alaska. now it's here in the bay area. we are getting the northerly flow of air. the rain is gone tomorrow. the highs will be around 60. high pressure builds in on veterans day and much of next week but high pressure centered to the south giving us the on-shore flow. that means we'll stale partly sunny, and we will likely stay below normal temperatures. a slight chance of showers tonight much the morning will be cold. afternoons will be partly sunny and cold into next week. highs for tomorrow, we made it to the weekend. san francisco, well below normal, 9 degrees be low normal. you will get sunshine in c concord. sunday, mild.
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monday, mid- to upper 60s. we'll stay drive through we'll stay drive through wednesday with showers ,,,,,,
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zero. after a one and four start, the lakers fired mike brown this morning. phil jackson may be interested in returning to that bench. all that drama, waiting for the warriors at the stadium. the first quarter, they were on
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the run. clay thompson, strokes a three. warriors up by one. let's kick it out to bryant, nails the three. lakers up six. the warriors just couldn't score. outside, inside, shot 33% as a team. third quarter, here goes bryant, the bump, shot. lakers, 101-77. what will college basketball do tonight? stanford, usf, oracle. look at this three. they led 31-30 and the cardinals hit in. powell got the shot. the cardinals win, 74-62. college basketball kicked off today across the country. it was a day that makes up
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tonight's top five. five, seth kirk, his little birth. helps duke beat georgia state, 74-65. four, maryland, 77-69. three, yukon, michigan state, all about the spar tans -- spartans, upset the huskies, 66-62. two, georgia, florida, held up by condone says. they had to -- condone dsation. and ,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great weekend. veterans day on monday. >> david letterman ,,

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